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July 18, 2021, 3:34 PM
Q: Have had my puppy (Eve but since renamed Sami) for 4 days now. She’s a Teddy Bear. However, she’s not eating a lot and have tried different options. First day she ate and every day since, she’s eating less and less. Have tried Gerbers with Karo syrup and she takes only a couple of licks now. Have tried the hard food sent with her. I have to hand feed her. This morning she would only eat 15 bites. I have tried Cesar’s and she won’t eat that. Also tried yogurt and only a couple of bites and now won’t eat that. Did eat a couple of treats. Taking minimal water now. First 2 days she drank the water and she knows where the water dish is. But yesterday and now today she’s not drinking much. She has been pooping daily. And she’s peeing regularly. Still has lots of energy. Likes playing with us, with her toys as well. Am assuming puppies also go through teething as she is chewing her chew toys as well as other things. We started giving her the preventative medications yesterday. That’s another thing she hates. She is so tiny and really wrestles in my husband’s stem as I try getting the syringe in her mouth. Have asked others what I am doing wrong but everyone says “when she’s hungry she’ll eat”. But when that occurs I have no idea. So Dr Pup-do you have any other suggestions in terms of what I can feed her besides Gerbers; dry food; Cesars; mixing dry food with Cesars and yogurt? Also, any other options for preventative meds in terms of making it not the torture it seems to be for her. She’s so feisty and wiggly. Plus she just s clamps her mouth shut. Have seen the video and my husband does have his fingers on both sides of her mouth/jaw but it’s only when she yelps that I am able to get the syringe in her mouth. Any suggestions I would appreciate. Thanks
A: I do not know how much she weighs so predicting the amount she should eat is difficult.  As long as she feels good things may be okay.  Let's stop the medications for now.