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February 7, 2022, 1:22 AM
Q: i am wondering about timing with play and potty. We are using the PeePooPalace system and she does well with it through the night and during periods through the day when we cannot engage with her. The problem we are having is she seems to be able to play for about 15-20 minutes before she needs to pee or poo again. She doesn’t always recognize that she needs to go to her crate (maybe 2 out of 5 times she makes it). Is this because she is 8 weeks and only 2.4 pounds. Instead of getting discouraged, is this pretty normal? How long should we engage in play at this age? (It’s been 26 years since we’ve had a puppy this age.)
A: If she returns to the palace at all to eliminate that is good start for her age.  If you are not actively engaged with her she should be in the palace.  This Phase One of training usually takes 1-2 weeks, she has to learn that is where you want her to eliminate.  It is best for her to remain in the palace until she eliminates (for example after sleeping) so you can then reward her for getting it right.