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Age 8 weeks
Birth Date 2/20/2024
Gender Male
Current Weight 5lb 7oz @ 5.9 weeks
Est Adult Weight 20-35 lbs
Registry n/a
Vaccinations Up-To-Date On All Shots
Vet Inspection (inspected at 8 wks)

*Please be advised puppies eye color can change. Puppies don't reach their mature eye color, until 9 to 16 weeks old. The timeline depends on when the pigment melanin has fully developed. Some puppies keep blue eyes throughout their entire life, but others eye(s) could fully or partially change to green or brown eye(s).

Intra Nasal 3/26/2024
Neo Par Vaccine 3/26/2024
Duramune Max 5 4/16/2024
Pyrantel Deworming 2 week intervals
Vet Inspection

Scheduled Appt for 5/2/2024

List of Inspection Points
Skin and coat
Request AZURE's Birth Certificate including Parent Information
* You will receive a link to the requested information via email

We will accommodate up to 3 requests. Please make sure these are serious inquiries. If you need additional assistance, please call our adoption agents at 239-379-8233

Your request has been received. You should receive a link with the birth certificate within 30 minutes. If you don't receive it, please call our adoption agents at 239-379-8233

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Available 5/3

Puppies can not be picked up or shipped, until they are 8 weeks old and vet checked.
Pomsky Breed Info

Pomsky Breed Info

Welcome to the world of Pomskies, one of the most adorable and sought-after designer breeds of dogs today. A Pomsky is a crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, resulting in a charming and lovable canine that is both playful and affectionate. 

Pomskies are known for their lively and fun-loving personalities, making them the perfect addition to any family. They are energetic and adventurous, always looking for a new challenge to tackle. Their outgoing nature also makes them excellent playmates for children and great companions for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. 

One of the most striking features of Pomskies is their fluffy and gorgeous coat. These dogs are the epitome of cuteness, and their fluffy appearance has made them an instant hit with dog lovers around the world. But it's not just their appearance that makes them special; Pomskies are also highly intelligent and have an innate desire to please their owners, making them easy to train and a joy to be around. 

If you're considering adding a Pomsky to your family, be prepared for a lifetime of love and adventure. These dogs are sure to steal your heart with their affectionate personalities and their cute and cuddly appearance. So why wait? Discover the world of Pomskies today and find out why they're one of the most popular breeds of dogs around. 

99% of Breeding Parents OFA Certified

OFA testing is an essential component of responsible dog breeding practices. It provides valuable insights into the orthopedic health of breeding dogs, allowing breeders to make informed decisions to improve the well-being of their individual dogs and the overall health of the breed. These tests contribute to the prevention and mitigation of hereditary conditions, promoting a healthier and more resilient canine population.

Puppy Parents with Certification Puppy Parents with CERTIFICATION

Puppies with a guarantee Puppies with a GUARANTEE

10 Year Health Guarantee

The health of your new family member is our primary concern. We take all necessary precautions from vet inspection of our pups to their parents requirement to pass annual exams. If there’s something undiscoverable at 8 weeks of age that later comes up as hereditary or congenital, you’re covered. We stand behind our pups with up to a 10 Year guarantee.

Breeders with integrity Breeders with INTEGRITY

Our breeder partners are our allies in serving the interests of our clients in bringing to market the highest quality puppies available. We seek breeder partnerships that share our concern for social responsibility and the environment. We have a zero tolerance for substandard breeders.

Breeders with commitment Breeders with COMMITMENT

Developing long-term, personal relationships with breeders means we can work closely with the people, who raise the puppies we provide. We frequently visit our breeders to ensure our puppies and the practices used to raise them are always improving. With our breeders, their pets and pups are their main focus and priority.