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Shih Pom Puppies For Sale Near Titusville, FL

Cutest Shih Pom Puppies for Sale Delivered in Titusville, Florida with Seaside Pups

Nestled in the heart of dog breeds lies a blend of two iconic companions, resulting in the captivating Shih Pom. For enthusiasts around Titusville, Florida seeking the charm of Shih Pom puppies, Seaside Pups stands as the beacon of quality and affection. 

A harmonious fusion of the regal Shih Tzu and spirited Pomeranian, Shih Poms carry an air of elegance, peppered with a zest for life. These compact canines, with their soft coats and endearing expressions, effortlessly win hearts, becoming a household favorite in no time. 

At Seaside Pups, our Shih Poms aren't just pets; they're an extension of our family. We provide them with a nurturing environment, infusing every day with play, love, and utmost care. This ensures that when they're ready to embark on a journey to their new homes, they're well-adjusted, happy, and ready to share in the joys of family life. 

Shih Poms, with their blend of intelligence and playfulness, are adaptable to various lifestyles. Whether you're nestled in a bustling city apartment or a sprawling countryside home, they'll seamlessly fit into your daily rhythm, offering unwavering companionship. 

Our dedication at Seaside Pups goes beyond just raising puppies. It's about creating lasting bonds and memories. As a testament to our commitment, every Shih Pom puppy comes backed by our 10-year health guarantee, underscoring our confidence in their well-being and vigor. 

For those beyond the confines of Titusville, Florida, our commitment doesn't waver. Our robust nationwide delivery services ensure that distance isn't a barrier, bringing our cherished Shih Poms closer to you. 

Join us in celebrating the enchanting world of Shih Poms. With Seaside Pups, let's embark on a journey of shared smiles, countless memories, and a lifetime of companionship. 

Shih Pom Breed Info

Shih Pom Breed Info

The Shih Pom, also known as the Pomeranian Shih Tzu mix, is a delightful designer breed that combines the sweet and charming personalities of both the Pomeranian and Shih Tzu breeds. These adorable little dogs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their small size, cute appearance, and lovable nature. 

Shih Poms are a relatively new breed, having only been around for a few decades. They are the result of crossbreeding between Pomeranians and Shih Tzus, two breeds that are both known for their loyalty and affectionate nature. This combination results in a dog that is not only adorable but also highly adaptable and easy to train. 

One of the most appealing aspects of the Shih Pom is their small size. These dogs typically weigh between 4 and 15 pounds and stand about 7 to 12 inches tall. This makes them perfect for apartment living and for families who may not have a lot of space for a larger dog. 

The Shih Pom has a distinct look that is a blend of both parent breeds. They have a round head, small ears, and a cute, compact body. Their coat is soft and fluffy, coming in a variety of colors including white, black, brown, and red.